2017.21.11 Mr. Hamdard Attends Mr. Minoru Kiuchi’s Reception for the Diplomatic Community

Mr. Hamdard Attends Mr. Minoru Kiuchi’s Reception for the Diplomatic Community


November 21, 2017: Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, First Secretary and Political Affairs, had the pleasure of attending a reception for the diplomatic community in Tokyo hosted by a member of the House of Representatives, His Honorable Mr. Minoru Kiuchi, at the Hotel New Omani Garden Tower. This reception was held in an effort to further the good relations between the representatives of other countries in Japan.

Mr. Hamdard congratulated Mr. Kiuchi on his success in the recent elections and thanked him for the invitation to the reception, he also passed on the message of His Excellency the Ambassador which expressed his sincerest congratulations to Mr. Minoru Kiuchi. Mr. Kiuchi then thanked Mr. Hamdard for coming and participating in the reception.

While at the reception, Mr. Hamdard also had the chance to meet many members of Parliament, LDP officials, University professors, Company CEOs, and other diplomats. The Mister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Tarou Kono, and the Chief Cabinet Secretary, His Excellency Yoshihide Suga, both gave speeches. Other reception-goers gave speeches as well.


At the end of the reception Mr. Hamdard had the pleasure of meeting Niizuma Hideki, a representative of Komeito in the House of Councilors. He congratulated Mr. Hideki on his success in the recent election and extended these congratulations to the leader of the Komeito party, His Excellency Natsuo Yamaguchi, who is a close friend of the People of Afghanistan. They discussed the current and future relations of Japan and Afghanistan. Mr. Hamdard expressed his gratitude for Japan’s great involvement in the aid of Afghanistan which has effected positive change in Afghanistan. Mr. Hamdard also expressed his sincerest gratitude to the leader of Komeito who is a great

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