16/03/2012 Ambassador Fatimie and Dr. Mohabbat visit Iwate Prefecture, meet with Hon. Governor Tasso, Hon. Mayor Tanifuji of Morioka

March 16, 2012: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie and Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo, as part of the Ambassador’s initiative to pay proper respects to all prefectures of Japan, visited Iwate prefecture.
Arriving at Morioka station, Ambassador Fatimie and Dr. Mohabbat were received warmly by the city of Morioka’s protocol officer Mr. Chiba, who upon thanking them for paying a visit to the city, took them on a tour of the local museum, which beautifully gave insight into the prefecture’s history and artistry, accompanied by Ms. Miyako Hatanaka (pictured below), the Museum's head.

 Following the tour, the Ambassador and Dr. Mohabbat had the pleasure of being received cordially by Hon. Mayor Hiroaki Tanifuji (pictured below). Ambassador Fatimie first took the opportunity to express his sincerest condolences on the March 11, 2011 disasters both for their overall effects on the nation, and specifically for the hardships endured by the people and Government of Morioka. Building upon this, Ambassador Fatimie joined the people, in particular the children, and the Government in offering prayers to wish that such tragedy never again affect the Japanese people and the people of Morioka and Iwate so severely again. Ambassador Fatimie also expressed deepest appreciation for the efforts of Japanese people, and within that the people of Morioka, to support Afghanistan’s peace and development. In turn, Hon. Mayor Tanifuji expressed sincere gratitude for the sentiments and the visit to His esteemed city, saying that He considers Japan’s support to Afghanistan to be an integral commitment. Ambassador Fatimie then presented the Hon. Mayor with a letter of condolence and support, as well as a token of Afghanistan’s friendship with the city.

Ambassador Fatimie and Dr. Mohabbat then called upon the Hon. Governor’s office, first speaking with the Director General of the Prefecture’s International Department, Mr. Chiyoshi Hatakeyama, then receiving a heartfelt welcome from Hon. Governor Takuya Tasso (top photo). Ambassador Fatimie also used the opportunity here to express condolences to the Hon. Governor on the impact of the March 11, 2011 disasters on His prefecture and the greater Japan, expressing the solidarity of the Afghan people with the Japanese people. Building upon the Ambassador’s description of the close ties between the two respective peoples, Hon. Governor Tasso expressed that he too felt an ever-increasing closeness between Afghans and Japanese, saying that he was moved by the support of the Afghan brothers and sisters following the disasters. The parties agreed to further increase ties between Afghanistan and Iwate, and Ambassador Fatimie presented the Hon. Mayor with a letter of condolence and support, as well as a token of Afghanistan’s friendship with the city, before returning to Tokyo.