19/08/2013 Ambassador Fatimie's National Day message published in the Japan Times

August 19th, 2013: Monday marked the 94th anniversary of Afghanistan's National Day. For the occasion, Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie wrote a National Day message which was then published in the Japan Times. His article, "With bright future, ties will strengthen", highlighted the growth in the relationship between Afghanistan and Japan. He focused on the many beneficial developments Japan's friendship has brought Afghanistan and the Afghan people.

The Ambassador was joined by Toshihiro Nikai who wrote a piece entitled "Further prosperity in store for Afghanistan in next 12 months." The Ambassador's National Day message was also published in Japanese.
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5/08/2013 Ambassador Fatimie welcomes Mr. Okuyama of Asahi Shimbun

August 5, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie welcomed to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo Mr. Shojiro Okuyama of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper’s Interactive News Section. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie expressed sincere gratitude for the interest that this leading publication takes in the Embassy and expressed his expectation that fair coverage would be given.
Mr. Okuyama also spoke with Mr. Jason Pratt, the Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer about the Embassy’s social media activities.


31/07/2013 Ambassador Fatimie attends Iftar reception hosted by H.E. Prime Minister Abe

July 31, 2013: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie had the distinct pleasure of attending an Iftar reception hosted by H.E. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at H.E. the latter’s office in Tokyo. Iftar is the meal that comes with the breaking of the fast in the holy month of Ramadan, as recognized and held in reverence by Muslims. The auspicious event was attended by ranking representatives of the Japanese Government and Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member states.

H.E. Prime Minister Abe opened the event by addressing the attendees. Stressing His intention to further foster friendly relations with the Islamic world, H.E. the Prime Minister mentioned that He has already began making visits to nations represented that evening.

Following H.E. Prime Minister Abe, H.E. Ambassador H.E. Mr. Sid Ali Ketrandji spoke in representation of Their Excellencies the OIC representatives, as did H.E. Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori; and Hon. Mr. Natsuo Yamaguchi, head of the New Komeito party.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was afforded the great honor of speaking with H.E. Prime Minister Abe, to whom the Ambassador firstly expressed heartfelt appreciation, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for the generous and life-bettering cooperation that the Japanese Government and people have extended in towards socio-economic development and the further spread of peace. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie stated that this manifestation of the nations’ friendship would never be forgotten in Afghanistan. H.E. the Prime Minister, who kindly recalled Ambassador Dr. Fatimie’s service as Minister of Public Health, assured that such cooperation would only continue in order to realize H.E. the Prime Minister’s vision of greater peace in Afghanistan. The Ambassador responded that through H.E. Prime Minister Abe’s leadership and the Japanese initiatives to this end, this dream could be realized.

(photo above courtesy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was able to interact with a number of other esteemed attendees. Having the chance to speak with H.E. Mr. Fumio Kishida (pictured below), Ambassador Dr. Fatimie reiterated the enduring gratitude of the Afghan people and Government. H.E. the Foreign Minister kindly expressed the same sentiment as H.E. the Prime Minister that the Japanese Government is dedicated to continuing its cooperation with Afghanistan. Furthermore Ambassador Dr. Fatimie met with H.E. Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Environment Ken Saito; H.E. Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki, Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; H.E. Senior Vice-Minister of the Cabinet Office Yasutoshi Nishimura, and Director-General Makio Miyagawa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau. Ambassador Fatimie further had the opportunity to speak to Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of present that evening and to wish them the blessings of the holy month.