16/10/2012 Ambassador Fatimie warmly receives H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto

October 16, 2012: 

Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie extended a warm reception to H.E. Ambassador Tadamichi Yamamoto, Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo. H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto has been named as Japan’s Ambassador designate to the Republic of Hungary and His visit was to inform on this development and to speak on issues of mutual interest leading up to His dispatch.

Having grown very close to H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto as a friend of Afghanistan and a personal trusted colleague, Ambassador Fatimie expressed deepest appreciation, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto’s tireless strides to facilitate impact-producing cooperation between the two nations. Japan’s efforts, Ambassador Fatimie declared, have been selfless and generous, bringing real development and progress in the peace process, expressing sincerest gratitude. Within this, H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto personally led to enhanced capabilities, and Ambassador Fatimie particularly cited, with great gratitude, H.E.'s contributions to a successful Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan earlier this year. While H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto will be indeed missed, Ambassador Fatimie stated that He is definitely an excellent selection for the new posting and wished Him success in this new endeavor, assured that He would remain always a friend of the Afghan people in any role. Furthermore, Ambassador Fatimie pledged to build upon the excellent progress made under H.E. Ambassador Yamamoto with His successor.


04/10/2012 Ambassador Fatimie welcomes H.E. Ambassador-Designate Takahashi

October 4, 2012: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie and Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Deputy Head of Mission, welcomed to the Embassy H.E. Ambassador-Designate Hiroshi Takahashi. H.E. Mr. Takahashi has been named as Japan’s next envoy to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He has been serving as Senior Coordinator for Intelligence Analysis for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Fatimie firstly expressed with deepest sincerity appreciation for Japan’s generous and life-bettering assistance to Afghanistan’s peace and development. Having kept in close communication with H.E. Mr. Takashi, Ambassador Fatimie offered particular gratitude for H.E. Mr. Takahashi’s personal role in this cooperation thus far. Congratulating H.E. on his new role, Ambassador Fatimie expressed confidence in His ability to further the deep and friendly relations between the two allies. The Ambassador and H.E. the Ambassador-Designate spoke about a number of other issues of mutual interest as well.