28/01/2015 The Embassy Welcomes Mr. Ichiro Tanaka of the Senken Shimbun

January 28, 2015: Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi, Second Secretary and Ms. Namie Imanishi of the Afghan Embassy in Tokyo had the honor to receive Mr. Ichiro Tanaka at our Embassy. He is a staff writer of the Senken Shimbun, which is a daily newspaper regarding the fashion business. Senken Shimbun is a daily newspaper which specializes in the fashion industry. Their Chinese version is issued once a month and English version four times a year. They are one of the few media establishments permitted to visit collections in Paris for coverage.
Mr. Karimi explained about the cashmere industry in Afghanistan and characteristics of Afghan cashmere. Afghanistan is the third largest producer of cashmere after China and Mongolia. It is considered a potential sector of the Afghan industries and the Government has been promoting investment in the sector.

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2017.23.01 H.E. Ambassador Dr Fatimie Presents Letters of Appreciation to Imam Alas and Mr. Atalay

H.E. Ambassador Dr Fatimie Presents Letters of Appreciation to Imam Alas and Mr. Atalay

Friday 23, 2015: The passing of the late Mr. Enayat Nabard Yazdani caused a great deal of sadness for family and the broader society as he was a well respected figure in the community. It was with a high degree of graciousness that Imam Muhammed Rashit Alas and Mr. Bilal Atalay from the Tokyo Camii organized and facilitated a funeral for Mr. Yazdani based on Islamic practices. Mr. Yazdani's wife and family as well as the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan felt immense appreciation for the tenderhearted approach of Imam Alas, Mr. Atalay and all the mosque's staff in coordinating a fitting farewell for a life honorably lived. His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie presented letters of appreciation to Imam Alas and Mr. Atalay and once again expressed His deep gratitude for the altruistic efforts made. Imam Alas responded saying that it was His pleasure and that He will continue to do all He can for the community.

21/01/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Attends Tokyo Metropolitan Government Reception

January 21, 2015: In what was an evening of productive strengthening of relations between Afghanistan and Japan, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie partook in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s ‘Explore Tokyo’ reception. The Governor of Tokyo, the Honorable Yoichi Masuzoe, delivered a sublime speech in English, French and in Japanese. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie congratulated the Honorable Governor Masuzoe on hosting a highly successful event and conversed with the Honorable Governor who showed great interest in Afghanistan and who was very pleased with the country’s progress. Special Advisor to the Governor on International Affairs, the Honorable Mr. Akio Miyajima, was also eager to discuss the latest developments in the country and assured Japan’s continued support for the people of Afghanistan.

The evening presented additional opportunities to further enhance relations between Afghanistan and Japan through meetings with other prominent figures in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government including with Director General of the Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs Mr. Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Director General of the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Mr. Takashi Yamamoto, Senior Director of the International Affairs Division Mr. Hideki Yokoyama, and the Assistant to the Governor and Deputy Director General Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Mr. Yuji Fujita.

Many distinguished guests were present including Ambassadors from all continents of the globe that H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie enjoyed mingling with including Australian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Bruce James Ross Miller, Swiss Ambassador H.E. Mr. Urs Bucher, and Ambassador of Portugal H.E. Mr. Francisco Xavier Esteves. Intriguing discussions were also held with the Director General and Associate Director Mr. Makato Takeuchi and Hiroki Ogasawara respectively of the Edo-Tokyo Museum.


21/01/2015 Mr. Amiri Attends UNAFEI Seminar at the Ministry of Justice

January 21, 2015: United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI) held its 159th Senior Seminar and Third Secretary Mr. Sayed Ali Asghar Amiri had the honor of attending the reception. Hosted at the Ministry of Justice, Afghanistan was represented by General Manager of Biometrics, Biometric, CID Ministry of Interior, Mr. Mohammad Anwar Moniri. UNAFEI Director Mr. Terutoshi Yamashita praised Afghanistan’s participation as the best of the seminar. Mr. Amiri expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Justice for supporting this excellent program of cross-cultural exchange and passed on the compliments of His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie.

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16/01/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Mr. Karimi Participate in the 17th Regional Promotion Seminar at MoFA

January 16, 2015: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Second Secretary Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi participated in the 17th Regional Promotion Seminar at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. This kind of seminar has been held since 2008 on the basis of introducing local area’s specialties for the diplomatic missions in Tokyo in order to boost local business and investment. Participating in the 17th seminar, there were four local government representatives from Kyoto Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture and Hamamatsu City who made presentations regarding tourism, products, opportunities for investment and business in each area.
At the end, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Mr. Karimi visited the Booth Area and talked with the Director of Local Partnership Cooperation Division MoFA Mr. Masanobu Yoshii and also with the local representatives. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie thanked MoFA and the local government representatives and said that holding this kind of seminar is crucial for the awareness of local specialties.


15/01/2015 Mr. Karimi and Ms. Imanishi Attend the Japan Nut Association's New Year Reception

January 15, 2015: Second Secretary Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi and Ms. Namie Imanishi of the Afghan Embassy in Tokyo attended the New Year Reception hosted by the Japan Nut Association (JNA). The reception was opened by JNA Chairman Mr. Hiroto Nakajima’s welcome speech. Mr. Karimi and Ms. Imanishi were able to exchange information on nuts and dried fruits with various distinguished participants including with Mr. Hiroyasu Kanda and Ms. Maho Wanami of Japan External Trade Organization and with the esteemed Mr. Hiroto Nakajima.


13/01/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Welcomes Mrs. Matsunami

January 13, 2015: H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Ambassadress Fatimie warmly welcomed long time friend of Afghanistan Mrs. Kuniko Matsunami of the Japan Afghanistan Friendship Association to the Embassy. Issues relating to the possibility of holding a second Afghan Kite Festival were discussed with His Excellency acknowledging the importance of such a proposition for further enhancing the ties of friendship between the people of Afghanistan and Japan. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie communicated the Embassy's enthusiasm regarding facilitating another Afghan Kite Festival and expressed his deep appreciation for Mrs. Matsunami's passionate and dedicated efforts toward building bridges of friendship between the two countries.


9/09/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Attends Minato City New Year's Reception

January 09, 2015: Hosted at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, the Minato City New Year's Reception was an auspicious occasion that His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was honored to attend. The event was attended by various local and international groups and institutions that are located in Minato City and was addressed by the Mayor of Minato City the Honerable Mr. Masaaki Takei and the Minato City Assembly's Chairperson Mr. Nobuhiro Izutsu.
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie held cordial conversations with many esteemed hosts and guests including the Honorable Mayor Takei, Chairperson Mr. Izutsu, Minato City's Director of Global Community Art and Culture Planning Mr. Junya Kaku, Minato City's Foreign Residents Consultant Ms. Akiyo Fujinuma, Zainas Co. Auditor Mr. Shinichi Ishii, and Third Secretary at the Austrian Embassy Mr. Johannes Korherr.


6/01/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Attends New Year's Reception

January 06, 2015: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie enjoyed the warm hospitality of the New Year's reception hosted by Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), the Japan and Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). In what was a splendid event, His Excellency Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered an important speech. His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie took great pleasure in meeting and conversing with many distinguished guests.


1/01/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Ambassadress Attend New Year Celebrations at the Imperial Palace

January 01, 2015: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Ambassadress had the great pleasure in attending the official reception held in celebration of the New Year at the Imperial Palace. It was a distinguished honor for H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and the Ambassadress to exchange courtesies with Their Imperial Majesties The Emperor and Empress of Japan. Mutual best wishes were expressed for health and happiness during 2015.