2016.18.06 Attendance at 125th Anniversary of Nittaidai

Attendance at the 125th Anniversary of Nippon Sport and Science University

June 18, 2016: Dr. Bashir Mohabbat attended the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Nippon Sport Science University located in Setagaya, Tokyo.
Dr. Mohabbat congratulated the Honorable Mr. Kenshiro Matsunami, President of the NSSU, on this important milestone for the educational institution. He also wished Hon. Mr. Matsunami and the entire management success for many years to come. Hon. Mr. Matsunami has been a close friend of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and has supported its mission for quite some time.
The event was also attended by diplomats of other nations’ missions, in addition to MOFA and other government officials.

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