2017. 16. 09 Mr. Agah's Attendance at Graduate Ceremony of Kobe Institute of Computing

Mr. Agah's Attendance at Graduate Ceremony of Kobe Institute of Computing

September 16, 2017: Mr. Asif Agah, Second Secretary and Head of Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan, had the honor and pleasure of attending the Graduate Ceremony of Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC). Mr. Agah delivered a speech to the distinguished professors of KIC and the honorable guests, congratulating the five Afghan students who have successfully finished their Master studies at KIC, which he referred to as an another outstanding achievement in their academic lives. His words, and the opportunity to personally experience the success-story of these remarkable Afghan students, enabled all in attendance to learn about Afghanistan’s growth, development, and capacity building.
Mr. Agah met with fellow distinguished diplomats, including Ms. Ilda Trigo Raivoso, Chargé d’ Affaires ad interim at the Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique and Mr. Stephen T. J. Mmodzi, Counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi. Furthermore, Mr. Agah had the honor to exchange words with several esteem personalities from the Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology, including Honorable Tomio Fukuoku, Founder of KIC; Professor Toshiki Sumitani, President of KIC; Professor Kenji Fukuoka, Vice President of KIC; as well as Professor Kiyokazu Ota, Senior Advisor of KIC.
During his speech and his conversations, Mr. Agah praised the importance and the pursuit of education and congratulated the courageous and diligent studies of the Afghan students. He further stressed that education is the foundation on which the peaceful and prosperous future of Afghanistan will be built upon. Today Afghanistan is looking towards this future, a future of assuring the protection of peace and common future of friendship and collaboration, as these young graduates embody the partnership between Afghanistan and Japan. Once they arrive back to Afghanistan, Mr. Agah mentioned that all graduates will have a positive and remarkable impact on their surroundings, which will contribute to pave the path of development, thanks to the excellent teaching at Kobe Institute of Computing.
On behalf of the people and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Agah expressed his sincere gratitude to the people and the Government of Japan for financially supporting these students, as they acquired invaluable knowledge and outstanding experiences during their time in Japan. This will give them new perspectives, encouraging them to thrive towards a democratic future, and built new capacities.

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