2017.23.04 Attendance at JCI Tokyo’s “Make Borderless Friendship” Presentation.

Attendance at JCI Tokyo’s “Make Borderless Friendship” Presentation.

April 23, 2017: It was a pleasure for Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan, to attend the event “Make Borderless Friendship ~ Shall We Talk!? Cross Culture Presentation!!” event hosted by Minato’s Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Shibaura in Minato, Tokyo, with approximately 500 guests in attendance.
JCI Event 2017
Minato ward is home to over 50 Embassies and has a great population of foreign residence. As such, the JCI seeks to help create global active citizens who embody the Japanese spirit of harmony called “Wa (和)”. This is achieved by fostering a deeper understanding and responsibility as a global citizen of the diverse international cultures, ideas, societies, and citizens. This event, attended by heads of international missions and diplomats, serves as a bridge to flexibly incorporate various values from overseas countries, essentially narrowing the distance between Japan and those countries, using the spirit of harmony among the international communities.
Dr. Mohabbat spoke of the “similarity between Japan and Afghanistan, both countries highly possessing and valuing this sense of ‘Wa’, harmony, peace. That Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic country where all the people work together, live side by side, to create the rich cultured nation. While most are Muslims in our nation, we have citizens of many religions and they are respected and their rights recognized. With other nations, Afghanistan works for peaceful, all-win relations. Evidence of Afghanistan’s excellent relations with the world is the previously unprecedented amount of nations that contributed to the security and development of our nation.” The event was well attended by many dignitaries, prominent business members, and citizens of Minato.

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