2017.19.04 Farewell Luncheon with Diplomats and Staff Hosted by H.E. Dr. Fatimie & Madam Fatimie

Farewell Luncheon with Diplomats and Staff Hosted by H.E. Dr. Fatimie & Madam Fatimie.

April 19, 2017: It was a great pleasure for H.E. Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie, Madam Wahida Fatimie to share a last meal with their diplomats and staff, hosted by them with foods lovingly prepared for all to share.
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H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie had profound and caring words of thanks for the staff on behalf of himself, Madam Fatimie, their family, and the Diplomats, “From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. It has been my most genuine pleasure and sincerest privilege to have worked with you while on my tour of duty here in Japan. Because of you— your hard work, dedication, and perseverance, the long mission has been a success…. each day you have given so kindly of yourself to help Afghanistan along its road to progress, to realizing stability, peace and prosperity… no one could ask for a better, more talented, more caring group of people to work alongside, advocating for this embassy in Japan and for Afghanistan.... in any language—Japanese, English, Pashto, Dari, I wish that there were more sufficient words to fully express to you just how grateful I am for your tireless work and how much you have meant to me, my family, and this embassy. However with all my heart, energy, mind, and consideration I want to humbly say thank you. Thank you so very much for giving of yourselves all these years, for myself, for Afghanistan. I am forever grateful to you… You are all my family and will always be a part of my heart and soul. I look forward to seeing you again in Kabul soon.”
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Following the lunch, H.E. Dr. Fatimie presented each of the staff members with a certificate of appreciation. He then also presented to the Diplomats certificates of appreciation. In return the Diplomats presented to H.E. Dr. Fatimie and Madam Fatimie a most heartfelt certificate as a token of their appreciation.
The staff thanked H.E. Dr. Fatimie and Madam for their generous hospitality and kind care over the years. H.E. Dr. Fatimie and Madam were presented a memento from the staff as a token of their appreciation and wishes for the best for the Fatimie family as they return to Kabul after a successful mission. On behalf of: Ms. Allyson Diaz, Public Relations Officer; Mr. Ashraf Baburi, Administrative &Accounting Affairs; Mr. Yuki Takeda, Secretary to H.E. the Ambassador; Ms. Kana Matsuno, Consular Affairs and IT/Admin Assistant; Ms. Namie Imanishi, Commercial/Economic Assistant; Ms. Ayaka Inoue, Logistic/Admin / IT Assistant; Mr. Marvin Joseph Toledo, Ambassador’s Driver; Mr. Arvin Toledo, Embassy Driver; Ms. Ms. Emmalyn Eusebio, Embassy Caretaker; Mr. Angel Baloloy, Gardener; Ms. Alma Baloloy, Embassy Helper; Ms.Florida Publico, Embassy Helper; and Mr. Gardikhail Abdurauf, Embassy Chef; we thank you H.E. Ambassador Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie and Madam Wahida Fatimie for your tireless and kind support, your wonderful characters, and great examples of leadership to us. We are sad to see you leave but promise to keep the embassy running well as a tribute to your time here. See you again, in Kabul.

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