2019.15.03 Memorial Honoring the Late Marshal Fahim.

Memorial Honoring the Late Marshal Fahim.


March 15 2019: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat hosted a memorial prayer gathering in honor of the late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim at the Embassy in Tokyo. It was attended by Afghan nationals residing in Japan.


The late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim was Afghanistan’s first vice president. He was decidedly an advocate of the people and was dedicated to promoting their interests, committed wholeheartedly in body and mind to very definition of peace for Afghanistan, and faithful to the rebuilding of the country for the benefit of Afghan society. The emcee’s opening remarks were given by Mr. Asif Agah, Second Secretary of the Embassy, who welcomed all in attendance. In his opening remark, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohabbat extended his welcome and discussed the significance of the occasion. This was followed by a recitation from the Holy Quran for prayer and reflection. After all had spoken, the guests were invited to partake in the Afghan sweets and tea prepared by the Embassy for all to enjoy.

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