2018.12.06 Attendance at Iftar Dinner Hosted by H.E. Mr. Taro Kono

June 12, 2018: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat had the honor and pleasure of attending the special Iftar celebration dinner hosted by His Excellency Mr. Taro Kono, Foreign Minister of Japan, at the Iikura Guest House in Tokyo, Japan.
All ambassadors and Chargé d'affaires from embassies of the Islamic countries were invited to participate in this dinner during the holy month of Ramadan. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohabbat met with H.E. Mr. Kono and thanked him for hosting the thoughtful event as well as for Japan’s continued support and assistance to Afghanistan, while also wishing him success in his life and career. H.E. Mr. Kono appreciated H.E. Dr. Mohabbat’s kind words and thanked him for attending the Iftar dinner. H.E. Mr. Kono assured Dr. Mohabbat that Afghanistan has Japan's continued support. Most ambassadors from Islamic countries with embassies stationed in Tokyo also attended the event, many of whom H.E. Dr. Mohabbat met with and discussed topics of mutual interest as well as enjoyed the end of fast meal on this day during this holy month of Ramadan.

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