2017.19.10 Courtesy Call on H.E. Ambassador of Malaysia.

Courtesy Call on H.E. Ambassador of Malaysia.

October 19, 2017: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat had the honor and pleasure of making a courtesy call on His Excellency Ambassador of Malaysia Mr. Dato’ Ahmad Izlan bin Idris, at the Embassy of the Federal Constitutional Monarchy of Malaysia, in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Abdulzaman Akbari, Third Secretary at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, also attended the meeting.
H.E. Ambassador Dato’ Ahmad Izlan bin Idris expressed his warm welcome and greeting to H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohabbat and earnestly congratulated him on assuming the post as Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Japan. Additionally, he wished H.E. Dr. Mohabbat the greatest success with His achievements throughout His mission, assuring that he was certain to do so due to H.E. Dr. Mohabbat’s in-depth and long lasting experience in Japan.
In return H.E. Dr. Mohabbat thanked H.E. Mr. Dato’ Ahmad Izlan bin Idris for making time in his schedule as well as for his kind words. On behalf of the people and the government of Afghanistan, H.E. Dr. Mohabbat further expressed the sincerest gratitude to the government and people of Malaysia for the invaluable support to Afghanistan’s peace and reconstruction. Additionally, he asked for increasing the Malaysian assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan in the field of capacity building programs, such as the training of students, and technical support, in combination with financial projects, in order to further establish economic stability and educational progress. H.E. Mr. Dato’ Ahmad Izlan bin Idris said he would work to ensure that these wishes become a reality. H.E. Dr. Mohabbat also spoke of increasing the already blossoming trade between Afghanistan and Malaysia such that it is further built and strengthened. H.E. Mr. Dato’ Ahmad Izlan bin Idris listened most interestedly to the many progressive and positive achievements in Afghanistan over the past 15 years, especially those undertaken since the formation of the National Unity Government in 2014, shared by H.E. Dr. Mohabbat.
H.E. Mr. Dato’ Ahmad Izlan bin Idris then kindly thanked H.E. Dr. Mohabbat for his time and his humble and informative words, and furthermore, stressed that Malaysia will aim to continue to support Afghanistan in developing into a further prosperous and peaceful nation. The honorable gentlemen additionally discussed topics of mutual interest such as the recent speeches by leaders of allied nations planning for active steps to achieving further peace and security in Afghanistan.

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