7/03/2015 H.E. Takes Center Stage at the Minato-ku World Carnival

March 7, 2015: In what was the climax of the six-week long Minato-ku World Carnival, SL Square at Shimbashi Station hosted the final Carnival in which fifteen Embassy's participated. On this special occasion of cross-cultural interaction with the people of Japan, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Ambassadress Fatimie took center stage as He delivered an impassioned speech emphasizing the importance of the Afghan-Japan friendship and the reality that more similarities than differences are shared by the people of the world.


The Afghan Embassy booth received some four-hundred visitors, including the Chairman of the Minato-ku Council Assembly The Honorable Mr. Jun Shichinohe, who enjoyed gift bags of nuts and sultanas, which are one of Afghanistan's largest exports, while enjoying the Afghan jewelry, clothes, posters and language material that was on display. The event received wide coverage and the Embassy's Public Affairs Officer was interviewed by Tokyo News reporter Ms. Yuko Matsumura.

His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Ambassadress Fatimie interacted with members of the Japanese community for about one hour and the Embassy greatly appreciates the many Japanese who, became friends of the Embassy during the Stamp Rally and the Embassy's Minato-ku World Carnival events, and came to Shimbashi station and warmly participated in the March 7th event. Third Secretary Mr. Sayed Ali Asghar Amiri was also present at the event.

Afghan musical group "Chalpasa" played a vital role in the event and in the Embassy's public relations campaign. Chalpasa's beautifully mesmerizing music added to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere and they were crowd favorites.

Over the six-week duration of the Minato-ku World Carnival, many participants were deeply moved by the Afghan Embassy's warm hospitality, friendship and serious intent to treat each and every participant like a VIP. Members of Minato-ku Council provided feedback to the Embassy that out of the fifteen participating embassys, it was the Afghan Embassy which had the highest reputation and received the most positive feedback from particpants.

The Embassy extends its sincere gratitude to Minato-ku Council, JTB and in particular to the extraordinary Mr. Takayuki Shimane who provided the foundations for what has been a highly successful six-weeks.

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