16/03/2015 Embassy Participates in Afghan Kite Festival Meeting

March 16, 2015: The President of the Educational Foundation of Nippon Sport Science University Group Mr. Kenshiro Matsunami and His wife Mrs. Kuniko Matsunami, Assistant Manager Public Relations Division of Nippon Sport Science University Mr. Hiroyuki Kikuna, Principal of Nittai Ebara High School Mr. Takuzo Ooishi, Vice Principal Mr. Kiyoi Ito, outstanding teacher Mr. Yabuta, Chairman of Japan Kite Association Mr. Teruo Suga, the President of Suisho Japanese restaurant Mr. Takahashi who supplied the delicious food for the 2015 Afghan Kite Festival, the distinguished Ms. Satou, and the Embassy's Public Affairs Officer participated in a working dinner to discuss the recent 2015 Afghan Kite Festival as well as the 2016 event.
The Embassy extends its sincerest of appreciation to everyone involved, not only for their hard work and valuable time but also for their passion and dedication for strengthening Afghan-Japan relations at the grassroots level.

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