01/03/2015 The 2015 Afghan Kite Festival Flies High in the Sky

March 01, 2015: The Embassy took great joy in co-hosting the 2015 Afghan Kite Festival with Nittai Ebara High School. In what was a unique cross-cultural event attended by MoFA Japan’s Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau The Honorable Mr. Isami Takada, the local community shared many happy experiences flying kites with Embassy staff and meeting with Afghan students. The event opened with speeches by The Hon. Mr. Takada, Third Secretary Mr. Sayed Ali Asghar Amiri, Mr. Yabuta and the Embassy's Public Affairs Officer.
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The participation of The Hon. Mr. Takada and Mrs. Takada, Fujisankei Communications Group's Editorial Office Political Section Vice-Director Mr. Morimichi Imahori and all members of the community who braved the cold weather to engage in this important grass-roots event, was very much appreciated.
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The Embassy also extends its sincere appreciation to the extraordinary and assiduous Mrs. Kuniko Matsunami (without her magnificent efforts the event would not have occurred), Principal Mr. Takuzo Ooishi, Vice Principal Mr. Kiyoi Ito, Mr. Yabuta, long time friend of the Embassy Ms. Sedeka Etoh, all the esteemed staff and students at Nittai Ebara High School, the Japan Kite Association, Afghan students, Mrs. Snelling and Motoko-san for their invaluable efforts in preparing and facilitating this extraordinary event.
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