2016/27-28/09 Visiting a Mine in Hiroshima Prefecture

Visiting a Mine in Hiroshima Prefecture

September 27-28: Dr. Mohabbat visited a mine managed by the Shokozan Mining Company Co., Ltd. at Shobara City in Hiroshima Prefecture.
He was met by a warm welcome by Mr. Shujiro Yano, the President of the Shokozan Mining Company Co., Ltd., together with other key staff. Dr. Mohabbat was given an extensive tour of the mine and discussed with Mr. Yano about the great gain potential in Afghanistan-Japan mineral trade. The company has expressed interest in importing talc soapstone from Afghanistan’s Nanggarhar province. The company has experience of handling this kind of stone for over 60 years, having already reached import deals with China, India and Pakistan but now looking to Afghanistan for its excellent soapstone deposits.
The popular soapstone is often a fundamental ingredient in the production of plastic, ceramics, papers, baby powder, cosmetics, foods, medicine, among other consumer goods.
Afghanistan has talcs and other mineral desposits that are of world-renowned quality, which explains the recent surge in interest by enterprises worldwide to secure trade deals with the country. For Afghanistan, mineral trade is not only a positive business opportunity, but also an excellent way to forge bonds with new nations and to strengthen its many existing relationships.

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