2018.6.7 Mr. Azimi joins "Tour for Embassies" organized by UNIDO: "Company Visit to Daimler in Japan"

Mr. Azimi joins "Tour for Embassies" organized by UNIDO: "Company Visit to Daimler in Japan"

July 06, 2018: First Secretary Mr. Rahim Azimi had the great pleasure to receive a guided tour through the Daimler Company in Kanagawa (Tokyo) and the, by Daimler owned, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in Kawasaki (Japan) which was organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Mr. Azimi joined the tour at the United Nations University’s headquarters in Shibuya from where he took a provided bus to both locations. The UNIDO often organizes tours for Embassy Representatives with missions in Japan to bridge developing and emerging countries to Japanese businesses. This time, the tour included the MFTBC plant in Kawasaki which produces an extensive range of Mitsubishi Fuso’s heavy-, medium-, and light-duty truck while it also shares the same site with Mitsubishi’s Research & Development Center.

Mr. Azimi experienced with great joy the manufacturing processes, the company’s logistics and supplies, as well as Daimler’s cooperation between its sub-companies. Furthermore, Mr. Azimi had the great honor to meet with several representatives from Daimler and MFTBC with whom he shared conversations about the car industry within South Asia and Japan. Thus, Mr. Azimi was highly impressed by the tour and expressed his gratitude towards the organisers, the UNIDO, as well as Daimler and the MFTBC. He also thanked the United Nations University Tokyo for supporting such an opportunity and encouraged all sites to offer such tours more often. Also, the UNIDO, Daimler, and the MFTBC thanked Mr. Azimi for joining the tour and invited other officials from the Embassy to join in the future.

Mr. Azimi additionally had the opportunity to meet and talk with several company officials, manufactures, and other government officials who also joined the event.

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