2017.24.03 Mr. Agah, Ms. Diaz, and Interns Attend Ms. Nishigaki’s Photo Exhibit Opening “Afghanistan” at ABG.

Mr. Agah, Ms. Diaz, and Interns Attend Ms. Nishigaki’s Photo Exhibit Opening “Afghanistan” at ABG.

March 24, 2017: It was a pleasure for Mr. Agah, Second Secretary and Cultural Affairs Officer of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Ms. Allyson Diaz, Public Relation Officer, and interns Ms. Carolinne Hanaoka, Ms. Erina Kondo, Ms. Fukiko Inoue, Mr. Kang Hyun Na, Ms. Lina Kadzamira , and Ms. Mayuko Kawai to attend the photo exhibit opening of the Hon. Ms. Keiko Nishigaki at America Bashi Gallery in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Ms. Nishigaki was the president and founder of the recently retired organization Takarazuka Afghanistan Friendship Association, begun in her hometown of Takarazuka, a city in the western Japan prefecture of Hyogo. Now 81 years old, she spent several years and several trips in Afghanistan. Over the years, through her own hard work and effort, she has helped to make improvements in the life of the Afghan people. She truly is a friend to Afghanistan.
Beginning in 1993, she noticed a need for infant and mother care in refugee camps so she set up an NGO, the Takarazuka Afghanistan Friendship Association, to collect donations. In 1994, she visited a refugee camp in Jalalabad and began even more work to assist women and children through health and education. Defying a Taliban prohibition on female education, she ran secret classes for girls at 20 or so locations, such as the backyard of private homes, and was even brought in to face a Taliban Judge about the matter.
All of the wonderful photos displayed were taken by Ms. Nishigaki herself. She wanted to share with people the views of Afghanistan as she experienced them during her time doing relief work. Also on dispay were several craft items she had been given or acquired during her many trips to Afghanistan. Mr. Agah expressed his thank to the Hon. Ms. Nishigaki on behalf of the people of Afghanistan and wished her the best for her exhibition.

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