28/01/2015 The Embassy Welcomes Mr. Ichiro Tanaka of the Senken Shimbun

January 28, 2015: Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi, Second Secretary and Ms. Namie Imanishi of the Afghan Embassy in Tokyo had the honor to receive Mr. Ichiro Tanaka at our Embassy. He is a staff writer of the Senken Shimbun, which is a daily newspaper regarding the fashion business. Senken Shimbun is a daily newspaper which specializes in the fashion industry. Their Chinese version is issued once a month and English version four times a year. They are one of the few media establishments permitted to visit collections in Paris for coverage.
Mr. Karimi explained about the cashmere industry in Afghanistan and characteristics of Afghan cashmere. Afghanistan is the third largest producer of cashmere after China and Mongolia. It is considered a potential sector of the Afghan industries and the Government has been promoting investment in the sector.

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