Mr. Agah Attends the SAARC Workshop Conducted Under Jenesys2016 Program

Mr. Agah Attends the SAARC Workshop Conducted Under Jenesys2016 Program.

February 13, 2017: Mr. Asif Agah, Second Secretary and Cultural Affairs of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan, attended Workshop Presentation of the SAARC 2nd Batch which was conducted under JENESYS2016 inbound program. JENESYS is an exchange program to invite approximately 6,000 youths from overseas to Japan every year with a view towards promoting mutual understanding and friendship with Japanese youths and citizens. This year, around 110 participants mainly school students were invited from SAARC member country to Japan, of which 26 were from Afghanistan.
Diplomats from all SAARC members embassies in Tokyo were invite to the workshop presentation, in which they presented their countries’ view on the program. Asif Agah, who represented Afghan embassy in the program, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the people and Government of Japan for initiating and supporting such as important and experience-sharing program; and thanked JICE for its excellent management and successful implementation of the program.
Mr. Agah further added that the program provide participants with a very exceptional opportunity to get into direct contact with Japanese community and gain first-hand experience and impressions from the society. He also said that the program offers chances for participant to understand and learn from Japan’s development and experience, as well as culture, and therefore in this way it builds a bridge for flowing knowledge, values, and experiences to participant countries where there are needs for such experiences. As far as the Afghan participants of this program were concerned, Mr. Agah strongly hoped that they have learnt a lot from Japan during their stay here and take steps to transfer at least some of the knowledge to Afghanistan and internalize and apply it there.
Mr. Agah in his speech by indicating another crucial feature of the program, which gathered participants from a particular region where respective member countries decided to forge their mutual cooperation within SAARC, wished that the participants use this opportunity to not only build bridges between their respective countries with Japan, but also between Japan and SAARC as our common entity.

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