12/11/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Attends Reception of Aomori Prefecture Promotion

November 12, 2015: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie had an honor and pleasure of attending the reception for the promotion of Aomori’s abundant culture, attractive tourist destinations, and local products, organized by Aomori Prefecture in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Following the presentation by H.E. Aomori Governor Mr. Shingo Mimura regarding the recent development ofShinkansen (bullet train) linkage to neighboring Hokkaido, exporting initiatives of local products, and rich culture at an unique location of Aomori, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie had a pleasure to communicate with H.E. Governor Mr. Mimura. H.E. Ambassador also met with H.E. Mr. Tadamori Oshima, Speaker of the House of Representatives; and Member of House of Representatives Ms. Chizuko Takahashi, expressed on behalf of the people and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the gratitude for the assistance Japan has been providing to Afghanistan for the reconstruction. It was also a pleasure for H.E. Dr. Fatimie to exchange with the Honorable Speaker of Aomori Prefectural Assembly Mr. Etsuro Shimizu; Mr. Satoshi Kobayashi, Senior Staff of Aomori Prefectural Government; and Mr. Masayuki Katori, Senior Analyst of Nippon Export and Investment Insurance.

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