09/11/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Receives The Honorable Mayor Takei's Condolence Visit

November 09, 2015: 

It was an immense pleasure and honor for His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and the entire embassy to receive the Honorable Mr. Masaaki Takei, Mayor of Minato-ku, of which the embassy locates in Tokyo, along with his delegation. The Honorable Mayor Mr. Takei visited the embassy to deliver the donation collected by Minato City and Minato City Assembly, and to express their deep condolences and encouragement for the victims of the reportedly Magnitude 7.5 earthquake that shook Afghanistan and the region on October 26th. The Honorable Mayor Takei said that Japan has been prone to be affected by natural disasters therefore he sympathizes Afghanistan the casualty from the natural disaster. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie expressed his heartfelt and sincerest appreciation for the Mayor's visit for the condolence message, as well as to the accompanying delegation visited the embassy for their great kindness. Citing the Japan's continuous assistance to Afghanistan over the decade in addition to the support this time, Afghan people will never forget Japanese friendship during Afghan's hardship, because Afghanistan and Japan are true friends, H.E. Ambassador added.

The Honorable Minato City Mayor Mr. Takei also expressed his appreciation to H.E. Ambassdor Dr. Fatimie and the embassy for attending Minato City Festival held on Oct. 10-11, for H.E. Ambassaor's speech regarding the importance of peace, following the participation to the discussion session with the university students, and opening the embassy booth during the festival. The Honorable Mr. Takei expressed his gratitude that the festival was done so successful due to one of the main event, speech delivered by H.E. Ambassador and the participation of the Afghan embassy regarding peace, and those were highly appreciated by visitors. H.E. Dr. Fatimie expressed his deep appreciation for H.E. Mayor's words, and noted that without the Honorable Mr. Takei's great leadership and great efforts of his staffs at Minato City Hall, it had not been so successful. H.E. Ambassdor Dr. Fatimie also expressed his gratitude that under such great leadership and cooperation, the embassy can operate smoothly in Minato-ku, and wishes to maintain this close relationship. In response the Honorable Mayor Mr. Takei thanked H.E. Dr. Fatimie's words, and agreed to keep the closer relationship.

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