2018.15.8 Mr. Agah meets Representatives of the Japan-IMF Scholarship

Mr. Agah meets Representatives of the Japan-IMF Scholarship

August 15, 2018: Second Secretary and Head of Cultural Affairs for the Embassy of Afghanistan Mr. Agah had the great pleasure of meeting with representatives of the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia in Tokyo.
Mr. Agah had the great pleasure and honour of meeting with Deputy Head of Office Mr. Kenichiro Kashiwase, Program Officer Ms. Saika Kin, and Program Officer Mr. Kazuyo Katafuchi from the scholarship program. Mr. Agah expressed his thanks to the representatives for hosting him, who returned their appreciation. While some central Asian countries qualify under the current scholarship guidelines, Afghanistan is currently not within the scope. Thus, Mr. Agah expressed interest in having Afghanistan included in the scholarship program. In response, the IMF Scholarship representatives have agreed to consider Afghanistan more deeply and have indicated that a decision will be reflected after an annual internal review. The Second Secretary thanked the IMF representatives for their consideration and looks forward to a program which includes Afghanistan and works to benefit and aid the students of the Afghan nation. 

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