2018.29.1 Meeting with Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Hara of the Embassy of Japan in Kabul at the Embassy in Tokyo

Meeting with Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Hara of the Embassy of Japan in Kabul at the Embassy in Tokyo. 

January 29, 2018: It was a pleasure for H.E. Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat to greet and meet at the embassy Minister Keiichi Hara, Deputy Chief of Mission for the Embassy of Japan in Kabul, at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo, Japan. Also in attendance at the meeting was Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, First Secretary and Mr. Abdulzaman Akbari, Third Secretary.
Minister Hara thanked H.E. Dr. Mohabbat for making time in his schedule to meet and share with him the moments of fellowship. He began by expressing his most heartfelt condolences for the tragic terror attacks which occurred recently in Afghanistan, assuring that not only does Japan condemn these attacks but also that it would continue to stand with Afghanistan. Further he extended his wishes that, given the long relations between their two countries and the close relationships among the counterparts at both embassies, and that their two countries would continue to deepen and make more profound their relations.
H.E. Dr. Mohabbat expressed his thanks for Minister Hara's kind words, on behalf of people and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Further he conveyed deep appreciation to the Japanese government for its continuing support of Afghanistan’s reconstruction process which is paving the way for increased greater livelihood, peace and prosperity for the Afghan people. The Japanese have stood with Afghanistan during the rebuilding process, helping to bring Afghanistan to its current progress & achievements, and their help and investment of Afghanistan’s future by developing its human capacity holds a place of appreciation and honor in the heart of Afghans. Additionally H.E. Dr. Mohabbat updated Minister Hara on the many progressive achievements in Afghanistan over the past 15 years especially those undertaken since the formation of the National Unity Government.H.E. Dr. Mohabbat shared the optimism for the relationship between Japan and Afghanistan becoming stronger to help improve the progress of Afghan society and the livelihoods of the Afghan people. All present further discussed topics of mutual interest.

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