2017.25.01 Meeting with Messrs. Sugihara and Watanabe Of Junior Chamber International.

Meeting with Messrs. Sugihara and Watanabe Of Junior Chamber International.

January 25, 2017: It was a pleasure for Dr. Bashir Mohabbat to receive guest representatives from Junior Commerce International here at the embassy. Dr. Mohabbat along with Ms. Allyson Diaz, Public Relations Officer, and Ms. Namie Imanishi, Commercial & Economic Assistant, welcomed Mr. Naosuke Sugihara, Chairperson of International Affairs Commission of JCI, and Mr. Manabu Watanabe, Chairman of International City Promotion Commission, for a meeting to discuss the Embassy’s participation in an event they are hosting on April 27 this year. This event draws approximately 375 guests and is meant to promote international exchange. At this year’s event, they will have 10 speakers from embassies with a mission in Minato city, Tokyo who they would like to speak about interesting facets of their representative national culture.
JCI has about 600 members in Tokyo, 40,000 in Japan, and 160,000 around the world. JCI Tokyo has been holding this event on a regular basis for several years to showcase Tokyo as an international city of “wa” (a Japanese word meaning meaning Japanese style, peace, conformity, balance, etc.) to serve as an example for the world. Dr. Mohabbat agreed to be one of the guest speakers at the event and give a brief talk about Afghan culture. Messrs. Sugihara and Watanabe were themselves particularly interested in what has made hospitality a key component in Afghan culture, how many Afghans live in Tokyo, and which sports are most popular in Afghanistan.

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