2017.20.01 Opening of the 193rd Diet

Opening of the 193rd Diet

192 diet
January 20, 2017: Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Charge d’Affaires a.i., and Mr. Abdulzaman Akbari, Third Secretary, attended the Opening of the 193rd Diet of Japan in the Chamber of Councillors of the National Diet.The ceremony was held in the presence of His Majesty the Emperor who delivered a speech to members of the both Houses. His Excellency Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also delivered a speech, and additionally the Speaker of the House of Representatives spoke, as is customary during the opening ceremony.
Dr. Mohabbat had the pleasure of greeting many of the Ambassadors and Diplomats who were in attendance, including H.E. Mr. Hisao Nishimaki, Director for Foreign Affairs Division of the International Affairs Department of the House of Representatives, who he thanked for Japan’s continuous support of Afghanistan over the past years in its endeavors to rebuild and attain peace. He also spoke with several of the other dignitaries there with whom many topics of mutual interest were discussed.

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