2017.13.01 Attendance at Minato City New Year’s Reception.

Attendance at Minato City New Year’s Reception.

January 13, 2017: Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Charge d’Affaires a.i., attended the Minato City New Year’s Reception. He had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with Honorable Mr. Masaaki Takei, Mayor of Minato City. Dr. Mohabbat extended his congratulations by representing the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Hon. Mayor Mr. Takei, and appreciated very much the invitation to the occasion, and the good relationship between the Embassy and Minato City have built, under Hon. Mr. Takei’s mayorship. This year as well, Dr. Mohabbat added and wished, will be also a good year for the Embassy and Minato City. In return Hon. Mayor Takei appreciated Dr. Mohabbat for his attendance and kind message, and added that the Minato City is grateful and values the good cooperation with the Embassy.
The reception was celebrated by more than 2000 distinguished guests attended, such as the diplomats of the embassies located in Minato City, lawmakers, business leaders, etc. Among them, Dr. Mohabbat particularly had a pleasure of meeting with Honorable Mr. Banri Kaieda, former leader of the Democratic Party of Japan, and a former Member of the Diet.

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