24/03/2011 Ambassador Fatimie attends briefing on the developing Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant situation at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

March 24, 2011: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie Mr. S. A. Razaq Luqman, First Secretary and Political attache, and Mr. Bahadir Kargar, Third Secretary and Consul, attended a series of two briefings at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo.
The first briefing focuses on the recent developments concerning the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. A number of officials related to the issue spoke, providing detailed information about the work being done to cool the reactors and stop the spread of radiation. While weather conditions have caused fluctuations in the levels of radiation in the surrounding areas, the officials showed that overall radiation levels continue to decrease and will continue to decrease more, while also reminding that the radiation levels of water, food, and the environment are safe unless otherwise notified.
The second briefing focused on missing foreign nationals in Japan. The briefing was given by the National Police Agency. No Afghans are known to be missing.
Ambassador Fatimie had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Shutaro Omura, Principal Deputy Chief of Protocol from the Minister of Foreign Affair’s Secretariat. Ambassador Fatimie expressed his deepest condolences over the massive loss of life and the damage caused by the tragedy of March 11th’s earthquake and subsequent typhoon. The Ambassador assured of the Afghan Government and people’s continuing dedication to support their Japanese brothers and sisters through this difficult time, and expressed the resolve of the Embassy to remain open and functioning in Tokyo barring any directive from the Japanese government. Mr. Omura expressed his gratitude of behalf of Japan, and discussed the close and friendly relations of the two nations.

(Picture: the panel of experts brief attendees on the latest developments. Mr. Shutaro Omura is seated at the far right.) 

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