15/03/2011 Ambassador Fatimie meets with Mr. Constant and Ms. Hayden of Kreab Gavin Anderson

March 15, 2011: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie welcomed to the Embassy Mr. Richard Constant, President and CEO of Kreab Gavin Anderson Worldwide, and Ms. Deborah Hayden, President and CEO of Gavin Anderson and Company in Japan.
Ambassador Fatimie expressed on the occasion of their meeting gratitude for the group’s support of the Embassy, as Ms. Hayden has been an active advisor.
During their discussions, Ambassador Fatimie spoke on the importance of education in Afghanistan and the power that communicating the truth to the people can have towards peace. Mr. Constant emphasized the importance of conveying these sentiments to the public through the media, and he and Ms. Hayden expressed continued support.

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