29/05/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Welcomes Students and Teachers from Nagamori Minami Junior High School

May 29, 2015:
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie enjoyed the opportunity to share with thirty-seven students from Nagamori Minami Junior High School about the children of Afghanistan and their gathering, in the valley where the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan once stood, to pray for the victims of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Before the students met with H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie, First Secretary and Consul Mrs. Farima Orya Afzali and the Public Affairs Officer had given welcoming speeches. Mrs. Afzali spoke about the commonalities shared between Afghanistan and Japan such as Afghanistan's Hazara community of whom some share similar facial features to Japanese people.

Mr. Ashraf Baburi presided over the presentation and question and answer sessions. Questions asked by the students included issues relating to Afghan schools and textbooks, the country's imports and exports and Afghanistan's historical treasures such as the Minaret of Jam.

The Embassy thoroughly enjoyed hosting the visit of hard working Nagamori Minami Junior High School students and we certainly look forward with great anticipation to welcoming you all back again soon.

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