17/06/2015 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Hosts Reception for Afghan Peace Scholarship Graduates

June 17, 2015:
Education is critical to Afghanistan’s transition to a more politically and economically developed nation. Japan has consistently spared no efforts in providing more learning opportunities for Afghan students and assisting the country to achieve self-reliant advancement through these intellectual Afghan graduates.

This Wednesday, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie delightfully welcomed JICA and JICE officials and three Afghan students graduating from Masters Degrees through the Peace Scholarship program of the Japanese Government to the Embassy.

A wonderful lunch was served, followed by encouraging speeches from H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie, First Secretary Mr. Ahmad Bashir Ghafoori, Ms. Akiko Komori, Officer of the PEACE Project of JICA, and from Pierre. In the presence Mr. Asadullah Azam from the Afghan Student Association, the Afghan graduates presented their academic theses successfully, which not only demonstrates their great accomplishments in relevant fields of studies, and more importantly, symbolizes a brighter tomorrow for Afghanistan’s future path.

Ms. Chiaki Yamagami from JICA’s South Asia Division 2 South Asia Department, Mr. Takafumi Fukai and Ms. Eriko Sanada as Peace Experts from JICE, and Mr. Kazutoshi Yoshino, officer of Peace Project International Student Affair Department were present at the reception to witness the Afghan students’ significant harvest from Japan.

The three graduates’ research all focused on Afghanistan’s current situations and future progress. Their academic achievements in Japan and future leading roles in promoting Afghanistan’s development will be the best compliment that Afghanistan can provide in return for their Japanese friends’ generosity.

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