24/09/2013 Ambassador Fatimie, Embassy host reception to honor participants of 2nd Training for Kabul Municipality in Japan

September 24, 2013: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie and the diplomats and staff of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan hosted a reception in honor of the participants of the 2nd Training for Kabul Municipality in Japan. Trainings have been focused on the following: land use zoning, building control mechanism, district plans, development plans, participatory approach, urban renewal/redevelopment, consensus building process and implementation, lead readjustment methodologies and planning process, land readjustment, and more. Some 20 persons from Kabul Municipality were said to have been involved.

Joining the Embassy and the Afghan participants of the program at the reception were Japanese program leaders, including Mr. Naomichi Murooka, Adcisor of the Peace Building and Urban and Regional Development Department at JICA; and a group of prominent Afghans residing in Japan.

Opening the event with a speech, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie first and foremost offered sincerest gratitude to Japan and JICA for this latest initiative in a legacy of cooperation that has bettered lives, spurred development, and helped in the spread of peace. The Ambassador also encouraged the participants to take their new knowledge and skills back to Afghanistan to further benefit the people and to contribute to the reawakening of glorious development and culture.

Speeches of encouragement were also delivered by Mr. Murooka of JICA and, in closing, Mr. Poya Faryabi, Minister Counsellor at the Embassy. Small tokens of encouragement were also provided to those in attendance.

The Afghan participants of the program who were present at the event are as follows:
  • Mr. Wahid Shahaby
  • Mr. Qian Shenwary
  • Mr. Nazifullah Omarkhil
  • Mr. Atiqullah Hamidi
  • Mr. Abdul Hameed Mojaddidy
  • Mr. Faridoon Afshari
  • Mr. Masoud Ahmad Sediqi
  • Mr. Nangialay Yousufzai
  • Mr. Ahmad Samir Ehsan
  • Mr. Ekramuddin Shahab

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