11-12/09/2013 Ambassador Fatimie visits Fukuoka, meets with Hon. Mayor, Hon. Vice Gov., attends Dr. Nakamura’s award ceremony.

September 11-12, 2013: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie made an official visit to Fukuoka prefecture. An important partner in Afghanistan’s development both on a people to people level and a Government to Government level, this visit was highly significant.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie firstly was extended an extremely warm welcome from Hon. Vice-Governor Etsuko Ebii (pictured above) at Her office, with the Afghan flag flying outside. Ambassador Fatimie expressed deepest gratitude, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for the enlightened and impact-generating support that Japan, and within this Fukuoka, has provided to socio-economic areas and to the peace process.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was then received very cordially by Hon. Mayor Soichiro Takashima (pictured above) of Fukuoka city. Ambassador Fatimie had the pleasure of also being able to express to His Honor sincerest appreciation, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for the selfless and life-bettering partnership extended by Japan and Fukuoka city in specific.

On the following day, the Ambassador had the great pleasure of attending a gathering with Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino. The gathering was held in commemoration of the awarding of the Fukuoka Prize. This year, the top award of the Fukuoka Prize was awarded to Dr. Tetsu Nakamura (who can also be seen in the top photo to the side)of Peshawar-kai. Dr. Nakamura has been active in assisting vulnerable Afghan populations both within Afghanistan and in refuge in Pakistan. Following the gathering, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie and Their Imperial Highnesses both attended the ceremony to award the Fukuoka Prize. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was given the opportunity to deliver a toast in honor of all recipients after. The speech accompanying the toast can be read by clicking here.

At the event, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was able to meet with a number of key dignitaries, including H.E. Ambassador Smt. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa and First Secretary Abbagani Ramu of India, Hon. Consul-General Tom Yates of Australia, Director-General Minoru Saruwatari of the International Relations Bureau of Fukuoka Prefecture, Executive Director Takanori Hyakutake and Mr. Akihisa Sakamoto of the International Affairs Department of Fukuoka City, Chairman Norio Sueyoshi of the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Director Shinichi Baba of the Lifelong Learning Section of the Board of Education of Fukuoka City, Chairman Tetsuya Goto and Secretary-General Mitsuji Fukumoto of Peshhawar-kai, Chairman Michisada Kamata of Yokatopia Foundation, and President Setsuo Arikawa of Kyushu University,

To read the media coverage of the Ambassador’s visit, click here.

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