01/11/2012 Ambassador Fatimie attends reception in honor of anniversary of Japan Self-Defense Forces

November 1, 2012: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie attended a reception in honor of the anniversary of the Japan Self-Defense Forces at Grand Hill Ichigaya in Tokyo.

At this important event, Ambassador Fatimie had the express pleasure of speaking with H.E. Mr. Satoshi Morimoto, Minister of Defense (pictured above). Ambassador Fatimie offered his sincerest congratulations on this laudable anniversary. Further, the Ambassador conveyed deepest gratitude, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for the great and selfless efforts extended by Japan in the realms of peace, development, and security support, and for the role of H.E. Mr. Morimoto’s esteemed Ministry within. Also from the Ministry of Defense, Ambassador Fatimie had the honor to meet with H.E. Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense Motohiro Oono. To H.E. Mr. Oono, Ambassador also expressed the sincerest of congratulations and gratitude.

The large number of important additional dignitaries that Ambassador was able to meet also included H.E. Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Shuji Kira, Hon. Councillor Fumiaki Toya, and Director General Reiichiro Takahashi of the Cabinet Office’s International Peace Cooperation Headquarters. To H.E. Mr. Kira, Ambassador Fatimie spoke of the positive benefits that Afghans have seen in their lives as a result of the cooperation facilitated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Fatimie and H.E. pledged to keep in close contact. With Hon. Councillor Toya, Ambassador Fatimie discussed the significance of the people’s support for Afghanistan as manifest through their respectable representatives, the Diet members; additionally he offered true appreciation for the relationship of support and friendship between Japanese and Afghan parliamentarians. In his talk with Director-General Takahashi, Ambassador expressed sincerest gratitude regarding the Cabinet Office’s direct role in guiding the partnership of support and cooperation with Afghanistan, under the leadership of H.E. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. Furthermore, Ambassador Fatimie lauded Director-General Takahashi’s impact in Afghanistan during his term as Japanese Ambassador to the nation.

Ambassador Fatimie was also pleased to meet with Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of a number of nations as well as such figures as Read Admiral Unio Otsuka of the JMSDF.

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