07-08/11/2012 Ambassador Fatimie visits Kyoto and Osaka, meets with Hon. Mayor Kadokawa, Hon. Vice-Governor Ohta, Hon. Governor Matsui

November 7-8, 2012: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie made an official visit to Osaka and Kyoto Prefectures, where he was honored to receive very warm welcomes and to facilitate even stronger and friendlier relations between the respective localities and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Arriving in Kyoto on November 7th, Ambassador Fatimie was extended great hospitality by Hon. Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa (pictured above) upon arriving at His Honor’s office. Similarly, the Ambassador was treated to a very warm reception by Hon. Vice-Governor Noboru Ohta (pictured below) at the latter’s office later that same day. Ambassador Fatimie in his respective meetings first and foremost expressed deepest gratitude for the collective efforts of the Government and people of Japan, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for the selfless and life-bettering cooperation extended in development and peace-supporting initiatives. Kyoto has been a special partner within this, having in recent years hosted a number of Afghan-related events, including a speech by H.E. President Hamid Karzai at Doshisha University in 2010. The Ambassador made special reference to this fact, and highlighted the area’s ability to inspire in many areas, including the harmony of tradition and modernity that exists there. In response, both officials, as later would the Hon. Governor of Osaka, expressed determination to continue supporting Afghanistan, linking peace and security there to global peace and security.

On the following day, Ambassador Fatimie was extended the courtesy of a warm welcome by Hon. Governor Ichiro Matsui (pictured bottom) of Osaka. During this meeting, Ambassador Fatimie once again took the opportunity to laud Japanese assistance in development and peace in Afghanistan, offering sincerest gratitude and referring to said assistance as a key reason why Afghan men, women, and children live better and freer lives. In addition, Ambassador Fatimie praised Osaka many issues, including its ability to serve as another cultural and economic center, distinct from but in close cooperating with Tokyo.

Among the many key individuals that Ambassador Fatimie met with during this time, he wishes to extend humble appreciation and best wishes to the following: Director General Hironao Kojima, Director Hiroshi Yamaguchi, and Deputy Director Masanobu Murakami, all of the Kyoto Prefectural Government; Senior Executive Director Masayuki Kusumoto, Assitant Directors Yuji Kawatani and Hiroshi Sato, and Chief Senior Staff Yuichi Kitagawa, all of the Osaka Prefectural Government; Director Makoto Honma of the Kyoto State Guest House; Dr. Sultan Ahmad Salehi of NHK Culture Center in Kyoto; and Deputy General Manager and Ms. Hiromi Kato of Rihga Royal Hotels in Kyoto. There were a number of other very kind people that the Ambassador also sends his heart-felt appreciation to as well.

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