2016.12.12 Meeting with Mr. Kazuhiro Nishitani of JCCI

Meeting with Mr. Kazuhiro Nishitani of JCCI

December 12, 2016: It was an honor and privilege for Dr. Bashir Mohabbat to meet with Mr. Kazuhiro Nishitani, Project General Manager for the International Division of The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), and Mr. Shoichiro Sugihara, member of JCCI.
At this time, Dr. Mohabbat thanked Mr. Nishitani for Japan’s assistance over the past years which has been essential in the rebuilding process for Afghanistan. Prior to the war, Japan was one of the biggest trade partners of Afghanistan. Once again, Dr. Mohabbat asked for their assistance in establishing business relations with Afghanistan and investing in it, especially in the mining sector.
In return, Mr. Nishitani sited Afghanistan’s security concerns as the biggest obstacle at present hindering the process. However he said he hoped that the situation will continue to improve to and that they will continue to invest in and help Afghanistan with trade. They also agreed to work and maintain a close relationship among each other from now and into the future.

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