2016.27.10 Meeting with Mr. Florian Jäger of the Embassy of Germany

Meeting with Mr. Florian Jäger of the Embassy of Germany

October 27, 2016: Mr. Hamdard met with Mr. Florian Jäger, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Mr. Hamdard, meeting with Mr. Jäger for the first time, took the opportunity to sincerely thank the Republic of Germany for its ceaseless generosity of the past 15 years for Afghanistan and its people. A substantial part of the meeting was also dedicated to discussing some of the interests and issues pertaining to the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan which this year was held on October 4-5 and invited over 70 countries and 20 international organizations to participate in the development of Afghanistan. Mr. Hamdard and the entire staff of the Embassy of Afghanistan can not thank Germany enough for its interest and assistance, and is very much looking forward to its future participation, emphasizing that Germany’s friendly relations with Afghanistan helps to create a stable and peaceful country.
2016.10.27 Hamdard
They both also agreed that 100 years of bilateral relations is a great milestone for both parties and is an occasion very much worthy of celebration, and that bonds are stronger than ever before and one should expect Afghanistan-Germany cooperation to grow only stronger in the years to come.

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