20/05/2016 H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Welcomes the Visit of Peshawar-kai

May 20, 2016: It was a pleasure of His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie in welcoming back and meeting again the long-time friend of his own, as well as of Afghan people, Dr. Tetsu Nakamura of Peshawar-kai (Peace Japan Medical Services), and Ms. Chiyoko Fujita, a liaison. Mr. Ghafoori (First secretary), and Mr. Karimi (Second secretary) were also present at the meeting. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie thanked Dr. Nakamura for his many years of his great effort for the Afghan people by Peshawar-kai, particularly the camberi project, which aims to turn the deserted lands into greenery, hence enhancing the agricultural productivity of the land. H.E. Dr. Fatimie praised the project as the symbol for other areas in Afghanistan to inspire the local revitalization, and kindly requested for its continuation.
In return, Dr. Nakamura expressed his appreciation to H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie for his support every time, and told that they are willing to not only continue the current on-going projects, but also to start new ones. Dr. Nakamura they are developing the idea of building a training center for agriculture and irrigation that is open for all Afghans, which he hopes will also be the symbol of the further developments in Afghanistan.

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