05/02/2015 Mr. Amiri Attends Japan Education Forum

February 05, 2015: The Embassy's Third Secretary Mr. Sayed Ali Asghar Amiri relished the opportunity to attend the Japan Education Forum which was supported by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA. The importance of education was discussed in the context of creating a more equitable society at both the local and global levels, goals which JICA actively participates in around the world, focusing on developing countries. Mr. Amiri was informed of the plans for post 2015 progress of education in developing countries including the plans to further basic education rights, the quality of education, equal access regardless of gender and the universal applications of such measures. The forum highlighted the necessities of immediate inaction with some 59 million boys and girls around the world not being educated. In order to address this tragic situation, the role of governments and also NPOs and the private sector were discussed.

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