4/06/2014 Ambassador Dr. Fatimie attends reception for Japanese mayors at invitation of H.E. Minister Kishida

June 4, 2014: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie attended a reception for Japanese mayors at the invitation of H.E. Minister for Foreign Affairs Fumio Kishida. The event was organized in order to allow interconnections to be formed between the municipalities and with the Embassies in Japan.
The event was opened by H.E. Minister Kishida (pictured above), who shared excellent remarks.
Ambassador Dr. Fatimie had the great opportunity to speak with a number of dignitaries attending the event, including good friends H.E. Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Nobuo Kishi and H.E. Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Hirotaka Ishihara; H.E. Senior Vice Minister of Finance Jiro Aichi; Deputy Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Kazuhiko Koshikawa; and Hon. Mayor Tamio Mori of Nagasaki (pictured below, second from the bottom), who serves as the head of the association of mayors. To each of these esteemed gentlemen, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie expressed, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, sincerest appreciation for the generous and effect-generating support that Japan has extended towards Afghanistan’s peace and development. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie would express the same to their honors the mayors, as well as convey the desire to further strengthen bonds between Afghanistan and their respective municipalities.
The Ambassador greeted a number of their honors the mayors of cities he has visited. Those who Ambassador Dr. Fatimie first met include Hon. Mayor Sasayama of Aira, Kagoshia; Hon. Mayor Dr. Tomzane of Akaiwa, Okayama; Hon. Mayor Maehata of Arao, Kumamoto; Hon. Mayor Nomura of Hagi, Yamaguchi; Hon. Mayor Takayoshi of Ichihara, Chiba; Hon. Mayor Kikuchi of Izu, Shizuoka; Hon. Mayor Miyamoto of Kaga, Ishikawa; Hon. Mayor Shibata of Kawachinagano, Osaka; Hon. Mayor Mikami of Kosai, Shizuoka; Hon. Mayor Yamamoto of Masuda, Shimane; Hon. Mayor Aoyama of Muroran, Hokkaido; Hon. Mayor Nyumura of Myoko, Niigata; Hon. Mayor Fujii of Nagahama, Shiga; Hon. Mayor Fujiwara of Ninohe, Iwate; Hon. Mayor Ogawa of Ogaki, Gifu; Hon. Mayor Sekiguchi of Tokamachi, Niigata; Hon. Mayor Ohashi of Wakayama city; Hon. Mayor Hirose of Yabu, Hyogo; and Hon. Mayor Nozaka of Yonago, Tottori. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie also met with many of Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of missions in Japan as well as other key attendees such as President Otto Benz of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and Ms. Miki Konishi of RCE Okakatam UNESCO World Conference on ESD Promotion Bureau.

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