26/02/2013 Ambassador Fatimie meets with Hon. President Yamaguchi of the New Komeito

February 26, 2013: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed Amin Fatimie received a very warm welcome at the offices of the New Komeito by Hon. President Natsuo Yamaguchi, a long-time friend of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its mission in Tokyo.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie at the outset expressed deepest gratitude to His Honor, on behalf of the people and Government, for Japan’s selfless and generous cooperation in a number of life-bettering and peace-extending fields. Within this, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie praised the role of the New Komeito in helping to shape and facilitate Japan’s enlightened policy. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie hailed Hon. President Yamaguchi’s first-handed approach towards this end.

In response, Hon. President Yamaguchi kindly responded that Japanese cooperation will continue into the future, declaring peace and development within the nation linked to peace and development in the region and the greater world.

(Above photo: Hon. President Yamaguchi fondly shows an album showing a visit to Afghanistan. Below photo: The Hon. President accepts a gift of Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli came to Japan thousands of years ago via the Silk Road and symbolizes the enduring connection between the two allies.)

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