2017. 10. 08 Mr. Hamdard meets with Mrs. Khadija Al-Salman

Mr. Hamdard meets with Mrs. Khadija Al-Salman

August 10, 2017: Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, First Secretary and Political Affairs of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan, met with Mrs. Khadija Al-Salman, First Secretary of the Republic of Iraq in Japan. Mr. Hamdard and Mrs. Al-Salman firstly had a pleasant conversation with how the relationship between Afghanistan and Iraq have strong relations dating back centuries.
Mr. Hamdard then expressed sadness for the July 31st Attack in Kabul, which was where ISIS stormed the Republic of Iraqi Embassy in Kabul. He reassured Mrs. Al-Salman that Afghan Government and the Afghan Special Forces would do it's utmost best to prevent any further similar incidents.
Mrs. Al-Salman responded on behalf of the people and government of Iraq by sincerely thanking him for his visit and also expressed gratitude for the Afghan government and the Afghan Special Forces for successfully protecting the diplomatic mission in Kabul.

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