2017.07.03 Mr. Ghafoori Attended the Special Exhibition, “Thailand: Brilliant Land of the Buddha”

Mr. Ghafoori Attended the Special Exhibition, “Thailand: Brilliant Land of the Buddha”

July 3rd, 2017: Mr. Ahmad Bashir Ghafoori, Chargé d’ Affaires ad interim and First Secretary and Consul at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanisan in Japan, had the honour and pleasure of attending the special exhibition, “Thailand: Brilliant Land of the Buddha,” at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno.
The exhibition was displayed in celebration of 130 years of amity and friendship in diplomatic relations between Thailand and Japan. The exhibition featured over one hundred beautiful artifacts and pieces of art, showcasing the rich history and culture of Thailand. As such, the event fostered a depth of understanding of the Thai people amongst all attendees. The interactions at this beautifully displayed event did much to enhance and strengthen the bond between the Japanese, the Thai, and the Afghan communities and diplomats.
Mr. Ghafoori had the pleasure of meeting and talking with His Excellency, Mr. Bansarn Bunnag, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Japan, and Dr. Chaweerat Kasetsoontorn, Vice Minister for Culture of the Thai Embassy. Mr. Ghafoori congratulated H.E. Mr. Bunnag and Dr. Kasetsoontorn for being able to display their rich history at the exhibition. In return, H.E. Mr. Bunnag and Dr. Kasetsoontorn thanked Mr. Ghafoori for his kind words and attendance. Mr. Ghafoori also spoke with Mr. Zeniya Masami, Executive Director of the Tokyo National Museum, about mutual interests.
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