2017.10.05 Mr. Hamdard Attends Mr. Hashimi’s Japanese Language Program Graduation Ceremony

Mr. Hamdard Attends Mr. Hashimi’s Japanese Language Program Graduation Ceremony

May 10, 2017: Mr. Basir Ahmad Hamdard, First Secretary and Political Affairs for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan, attended the graduation ceremony for the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute in Kansai hosted by the Japan Foundation Executive Director, Mr. Osamu Akagi, to congratulate Mr. Abdu Hameed Hashimi, Afghan Diplomat with MOFA Afghanistan, for his completion of the 8-month Japanese Language Program.
The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institution is an important program intended for young foreign-service officers and public officials to enhance their abilities in the Japanese language. The advantage of this program is the increased relations between Japan and the countries who send young foreign-service officers and public officials to study the Japanese-language. In the past, five Afghan officials from MOFA have taken part in this program including Mr. Hamdard.
Mr. Hamdard sincerely congratulated Mr. Hashimi on his graduation and his efforts in the program. In return, Mr. Hashimi sincerely thanked Mr. Hamdard for honouring his graduation ceremony. Mr. Hamdard also had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Masahiro Oji, Councillor to the President of the Japan Foundation, and thanked him not only for the fine event, but also for their great program which has opened up wonderful prospects and opportunities for Afghans to learn about Japan and its language. He also met with Mr. Masato Ohtaka, Deputy Press Secretary at MOFA Japan to whom he extended his thanks for Japan’s enduring and strong support of Afghanistan in so many venues to help promote peace and develop the human capacity.
Of particular enjoyment for Mr. Hamdard was having the chance to meet again with his teachers who had supervised his time in the program. He thanked them for all their hard work and effort which helped effectively prepare him for his current position in Japan.

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