28/05/2014 Ambassador Dr. Fatimie visits Kagoshima, meets with Hon. Gov. Ito, Hon. Mayor Mori

May 27-28, 2014: As part of his initiative to further strengthen relations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the local governments and populations of Japan, Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie visited the beautiful and important prefecture of Kagoshima and its capital city. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was impressed by the sights, as well as by the kindness and hospitality of the officials and the local citizens.
On the 28th, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie had the great pleasure of being received most hospitably by Hon. Governor Yuichiro Ito (pictured above) at his esteemed office. Following this, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was then kindly afforded warm welcome by Hon. Mayor Hiroyuki Mori (pictured below) at the Kagoshima City office. To both of these noble leaders, the Ambassador expressed sincerest gratitude for the life-bettering partnership that the nation of Japan and its dignified citizens have extended to Afghanistan’s peace and development. Within this, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie stated that the kind efforts of the people of Kagoshima and their representatives are indeed meaningful and appreciated. The Ambassador further expressed his wish to see that the already friendly relations between Afghanistan and Kagoshima be strengthened further and diversified more.

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