24/06/2013 Ambassador Fatimie meets with former JICA President Madame Ogata

June 24, 2013
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie met with former JICA President Madame Sadako Ogata

Last week, it was announced that the fifth phase of Afghanistan's Security Transition was set to begin. This is the final stage in the transition of full security to the Afghan people. With the security transition nearly complete, the Government of Afghanistan will redouble its efforts to empower Afghan women.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie expressed his deep appreciation for the important role that Madame Ogata has played in JICA and her efforts to promote peace in Afghanistan. As such, she has earned tremendous respect within the Afghan community. The Ambassador discussed the many Afghan students who have been able to study in Japan through JICA's support. These students have gone on to do great things, including work in university education and high government office,

Madame Ogata expressed her gratutude to the Afghan people and government for their friendship and cooperation, and shared her warm feelings for the country. She reiterated that agriculture is crucial for Afghanistan's development, and recommended further industrialization.

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