24/05/2012 Ambassador Fatimie visits Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, meets with Hon. Vice-Governor Wako, Hon. Mayor Okuyama, Hon. Vice Mayor Ito

May 24, 2012: 
Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie, in order to extend anew feelings of support to the areas that suffered from the devastating disasters of March 11, 2011, visited Sendai, Miyagi prefecture. Throughout his stay, he described the area as a warm, hospitable area, vibrant with its efforts in overcoming the suffering that has afflicted the city, prefecture, and surrounding prefectures. 

Ambassador Fatimie was accompanied by Mr. Kazuo Aoki of the NGO GHG Emissions Trading Agency (pictured above, upper right), a great and close friend of the Embassy who provided invaluable support, including arranging for translation and providing other parties with a Japanese insight into the realities of ever-increasing peace in Afghanistan and friendship between the nations.

Ambassador Fatimie had the opportunity to meet with three of the areas noble leaders at their respective offices, Hon. Vice-Governor Masahiro Wako (pictured above, lower left), Hon. Mayor Emiko Okuyama (pictured below), and Hon. Vice Mayor Yukimoto Ito (also pictured below); the Ambassador praised as ambitious visionaries and dedicated hard-workers in the recovery of the area. Offering deepest condolences, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on the tragic losses of lives and the destruction that was suffered in the disasters and their aftermath, Ambassador Fatimie spoke of the love and kinship felt by Afghans for Japanese people, not only at the level of officials but to all members of society. As evidence of the mourning that was felt as a result of these close feelings, Ambassador Fatimie presented the respective prefectural and municipal leaders with drawings made by the children of Bamiyan to the children of Japan following the disasters; all were moved deeply. The officials in turn briefed Ambassador Fatimie on the suffering that has been felt by the people and the efforts to rebuild. The Ambassador expressed that the noble people of Japan have a difficult task ahead of them, but have proven themselves capable of overcoming any adversity quickly. Expressing Afghanistan’s sincere willingness to help Japan in any way it can both in terms of rebuilding these affected areas and in strengthening its position as a global leader, the Ambassador mentioned that the riches of natural resources in Afghanistan are open to Japanese investment; all agreed that now is the time to pursue this investment.

Having been impressed by the hospitable and warm treatment that he received in this prefecture and the city of Sendai, in addition to Their Honors, Ambassador Fatimie praised the members of their esteemed offices, in particular Director Akira Chiba of Miyagi Prefecture’s International Affairs Division and Director Shusaku Takahashi and Ms. Kyoko Sugawara of the City of Sendai.

To read the report in the Kahoku Shimpo newspaper in Japanese, click here.

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