8/06/2011 Ambassador Fatimie, Afghan delegation meet with Hon. Governor Sato of Fukushima, Hon. Deputy Mayor Katahira of Fukushima City, deliver funds, drawings by Bamiyan children in support

(Photo: From left to right, Mr. Ahmadyar, Ambassador Fatimie and Mr. Hussein (far right) present Hon. Governor Sato with a donation to support the people of Fukushima.) 

June 8, 2011: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie along with a delegation of Afghan residents of Japan visited Fukushima City in order to bring 530,000 yen in funds and drawings by children in Bamiyan province, hoping to provide further material and spiritual support to the prefecture in the aftermath of the March 11th disasters and the ongoing nuclear problems. The funds come from the 1,851,000 yen gathered from Afghan residents in Japan.
On May 20th, a delegation including the Ambassador, members of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Afghan residents of Japan also visited Ibaraki Prefecture in order to bring supplies to evacuees from Fukushima prefecture.
The delegation to Fukushima was made up of Ambassador Fatimie, Mr. Jafar Ahmadyar, Mr. Haji Hussein. 

In the delegation’s meeting with Hon. Governor Yuhei Sato, Ambassador Fatimie expressed deepest condolences on the immense loss of life, damage to property, and the problems that have since affected the people of Fukushima. The Ambassador expressed the solidarity of the Afghan people with the citizens of prefecture, stressing that their resilience and strength would allow them to overcome these difficult obstacles, and presented the Hon. Governor with the artwork and the support funds. In turn, the Hon. Governor expressed his appreciation for the support and said that he values the relationship between Japan, and in particular Fukushima, and Afghanistan.

Following the meeting with the Hon. Governor, the delegation was warmly welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Fukushima City, Hon. Mr. Kenichi Katahira. Ambassador Fatimie also expressed condolences to the Hon. Mayor and pledged that Afghans would stand beside and pray for the people of Fukushima. The Hon. Deputy Mayor conveyed, on behalf of the Mayor and the people of his noble city, sincere gratitude.

Throughout this developing situation, the children of Afghanistan have been particularly sympathetic to the victims of the disasters, having raised money through such groups as the Afghan Red Crescent Society, and held rallies, among other avenues of support.
To see the artwork of the children of Bamiyan, click here for part 1 and here for part 2.
To read news reports of the visit in Japanese, click here.
(Photo: Ambassador Fatimie and the delegarion meet with Hon. Deputy Mayor Katahira.)

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