2017.02.03 Attendance and Keynote Speech at Kashiwa Nittai High School Commencement Ceremony.

Attendance and Keynote Speech at Kashiwa Nittai High School Commencement Ceremony.

March 2, 2017: It was an honor for H.E. Ambassador Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie to attend the impressive 55th Commencement Ceremony of Kashiwa Nittai High School where he had the honor of being one of four keynote speakers for the event.
To begin the ceremony, in a very kind display of the long standing warmth, friendship and ties between the school and Afghanistan, directly after the playing of the Japanese National anthem they played Afghanistan’s National Anthem, “Surūd-e Millī”.
In his speech, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie spoke of new beginnings in life, new chances at reaching for our dreams, and in the process along the path, bringing hope for the future of our societies and cultures. He thanked Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chancellor of Nippon Sport Science University Kenshiro Matsunami and Principal for the school President Seiji Suzuki for accepting graduating Afghan student Mehran Mohebzada not only into their school but also into their community and helping to equip him with skills for the future. H.E. Dr. Fatimie provided Mehran with a certificate of achievement.
Based on his outstanding performance, hard work, good merits, and other positive qualities, graduating Afghan student Mehran Mohebzada was provided with a certificate from Nittaidai of his formal offer of a full ride scholarship at Nippon Sports Science University for the entirety of his university education. He begins the next four years of his scholastic life at Nittaidai beginning in April of this year.
This important event was attended by several key guests, including H.E. Mr. Yoshitaka Sakurada, former State Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Hon. Mr. Tadahiro Sukegawa, Member of Kashiwa City Assembly; and Mr. Kiyotaka Matsuda, Principal of Hamamatsu Nittai NSSU Middle School. The Ambassador had the opportunity to at the outset meet with these distinguished gentlemen as well as officials from Kashiwa Nittai High School, and commended all parties for this wise bilateral collaboration in education represented in the hosting of this Afghan student. Furthermore, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie offered sincerest gratitude for the selfless and life-bettering cooperation extended to Afghanistan by its close friend Japan, its ministries, and great individuals such as Mr. Matsunami. He expressed his wishes for continued cooperation to strengthen even further the great relationship between Japan and Afghanistan.

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