05.06.2016 Dr. Mohabbat Attends Silk Road Seminar

Dr. Mohabat Speaks at JSRCC’s 73rd Public Lecture

June 5, 2016: Dr. Bashir Mohabbat, Minister-Counsellor, attended the 73rd Silk Road Seminar, a study session organized by Japan Silk Road Culture Center for public, as a keynote speaker. JSRCC has organized such sessions for a decade, and this time, Afghanistan was featured in relation with the Hidden Treasures Exhibition being held in Japan this year, at Kyushu National Museum in January and February, and at Tokyo National Museum since April to June.
Dr. Mohabbat briefed some 70 attendees on a Sunday afternoon the 5000 year history of Afghanistan, and its long time friendship with Japan. It was followed by Soka University Professor Toshio Hayashi’s lecture on findings and uniqueness of artifacts found in Afghanistan, and the relation with the Silk Road. As most of the attendees had been to the Hidden Treasures Exhibition, both presentations were widely received very positively, and the questions to speakers were endless due to everyone’s enthusiasm to their interest in Afghanistan.
The article of the event by Japan Silk Road Culture Center:

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